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  • Yepp, and great! Yes it's one 500 mg capsule, although you can take another one if you feel that you need it. I take it in the morning so that I'm less prone to stress and anxiety later on in the day.

    Yeah my sleeping cycle was way out of whack before and being able to sleep a lot better now has really helped improve my mood. I'm sure it will work out just fine for you :)

    By the way, my friend that recommended the L-Tryptophan to me told me about this other stuff called L-Theanine which is especially used as an aid to reduce anxiety. I checked it out on amazon right now and the reviews for it seem to be as good as the ones for the L-Tryptophan. I'm going to use that as my last resort if the LTP stops working for me. Just thought I'd throw that in here in case the other one doesn't work out for you.

    Thanks and I hope the same goes for you! You take care as well :)
    Hey there :) That's cool to hear, and this stuff is absolutely great! I doubt everyone reacts to it exactly the same but for the most part it does an excellent job of relaxing me and putting my mind at ease. It definitely makes me more resilient to stress and lately I've felt myself being in a complete state of relaxation while out in public, like a zenned out state almost. Naturally I still feel a few nerves here and there but they go away relatively fast, especially compared to a day where I don't take any LT. I've heard some people say that it makes them drowsy but it doesn't have that effect on me, although it really helps me fall asleep at night. That says a lot, considering my insomnia has been very persistent since childhood.

    Like I said not everyone reacts to it the same, but either way I hope it works out well for you if you decide to buy some. Hope I helped :)
    Spw won't let me Private-msg you, so I will copy my pm:
    here's my facebook link.
    If you add me, I can suggest some people in the music industry :)

    Saskia Bloem | Facebook'

    greetings to you!
    You're welcome of course! I would love to help you.
    Are you looking for contacts in U.K? or other countries too?
    I will PM you some contact details of some music producers I've spoken with before.
    These people are very serious about their work in the music industry:).

    Hmm, IT role in music business, let me think. Do you mean mastering a song on the computer? Making backing tracks,beats,compositions? FL studio 9 is a very popular one,here. Ableton Live / Suite is a nice program too. You could try one of these? Professionals prefer FL studio, but ableton live is more detailed, if you just begin.

    You could also promote artists, working in the marketing section, a lot of artists would be happy to be promoted, and you can also get money for it.

    You can work as a web-developer, for bands,singers,and so on.

    So many options really.... I will PM you some contacts, so you can write them, I will introduce them to you as well. ;)
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