Animals, shmanimals!


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The aardvark doesn't bark.
The beaver wields no cleaver.
A cow doesn't meow,
But my dog can saw a log!

An elephant's intelligence
Is as high as the fox is sly.
Giraffes are good for laughs
But hyenas don't rhyme with anything!

Iguanas are no primadonnas.
They don't cackle like a jackal
Should a lemur break its femur.
Even a manatee is kinder than Sean Hannity!

A newt is kind of cute.
At least the owls give a hoot!
Parrots don't like carrots
And quails don't make good sails.

I knew a rooster named Brewster
Who loved a shrew named Drew.
"How strange" said Myrtle the turtle,
"To them was born... a unicorn?"

The vulture loves popular culture.
Over 50 times it's seen the movie Wolverine!
Your word of the day is Xerinae.
A kind of squirrel that sounds like a pigmy girl.

Ignore the yak if he talks some smack.
Don't mind the zebra, she's a libra.
Oh and by the way, I forgot the letter k!
Those poor kangaroos, now they've got the blues. :'(