Abused children more prone to migraines in adulthood


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Interesting article. I suffered from a stressful childhood, too.

I get horrible migraines all the time (in fact I can feel one coming on now! I'm starting to see the "dots").
I was abused as a child physically and mentally constantly ... I have never had a migraine , but I can tell you this , you are damaged forever . No matter how much you try the flashes of your childhood never goes away ... I have a better life today, much better than my childhood . But the past never goes away. It haunts me all the time. The worst time is the night. I dont get sleep most nights ... Sometimes it is so bad that I dont sleep for 48 hours together until I fall asleep out of fatigue. Therapy can help to a certain extent but like I said the thoughts never go away. 2 yrs back I used to be angry all the time. I used to wake up angry, sleep angry, dream angry thoughts ... So much so that I used to get violent at times ... I was also into an abusive relationship for seven years and I thought it was perfectly fine. I used to think this is how the world is ... and can you imagine I was happy in it .Then one day my husband came along ,rescued me and taught me the real meaning of self respect and love...
I live in a country where we dont have great psychologists so I started therapy for myself . I started reading books on therapy ... I started treating myself ... 2 yrs later Im better, much better ... I am capable to happiness and better , giving others happiness ... I still am unable to forgive my parents and the others responsible for my abuse, but Im happy. The flashes never go away , but this time I face them bravely instead of running away from them ....