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  • Hey Emma,
    No problem, I joined back in 2009 i think and then left as i felt the same as you. Ive only been back for a few months, but i dont use the site that much tbh. I use the msn chat group waaaaaaay too much! :p
    Hey, sorry ive been crap at replying! :(
    Im glad you liked it but you WILL get into Birmingham, so wont need the back up!
    Unfortunatley no job yet! :( Still looking!
    How have you been?
    Haha, I was only 13 at the time and didnt see much! :p
    You never know Leicester may be just as nice, and if not then you know that Birmingham is where you want to go! :)
    Im looking into mothers help/nanny roles, as thats what i want to do, but tbh im starting to look else where as a job is better then no job.
    I hope you have fun at Leicester uni! :)
    Im so glad you loved it. Ive got to say ive only visited one uni and that was the university of hertfordshire and i wasnt that impressed tbh! You will have to let me know how Leicester compares! :)
    Nope no job yet, i really feel like giving up. Not having a great time atm, so need to find my motivation again.....or it finds me sharpish! lol
    No problem, Im not exaclty on the ball with replying!
    Ive been applying to a few places, but alot of shops seem to scare me too much! :S
    How did your visit it Birmingham uni go?
    I think you will do great in your A levels, you got to believe in yourself!
    Thanks for the luck im gunna need it!
    Hey Emma,
    im feeling mcuh better now thankfully, but still not 100%.
    Yup I was like that with exams I couldnt even remember what was in them just loads of stuff that swam before my eyes! :p Im still like it with a lot of stuff now, but i blame that on my bad memory!
    I can't say ive ever cheated on coursework! :p I just prefer it coz its less pressure really.
    Major developments? haha no. My jobs finishing this week and I still haven't found a new one :( What about you?
    Hey Emma!
    Sorry for delayed reply, ive had the dreaded sickness bug!
    How are you?
    Haha thats one way of looking at it. I only made a tenner though! Better than nothing though.
    Good luck with your exam im sure you will do great!
    I much preferred coursework to exams! :)
    Im selling DVDs, just giving it a go really, i buy too much off there so thought it was about time to sell! :p
    Ahhh what exam have you got left? When is it?
    Im good thanks, getting a bit excited about people bidding on stuff ive put on ebay! Sad i know, but it my first time as a seller! :p
    How are you?
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