Any House of the Dragon fans?


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Anyone watching? Admittedly, I had zero desire to watch this show. I was a fan of Game of Thrones for about five seasons, then it started going off the rails during season six. Season seven was awful. The final season was atrocious. And I don't care one iota about silly dragons, so when I heard about the spinoff I just rolled my eyes. However, I heard good things so I thought I'd give it five or ten minutes to win me over. And it did! And it just keeps getting better and better, to my surprise. Fortunately it shouldn't last nowhere near as long as Game of Thrones. And the creators are well aware of how the ending to that show was received and assured fans that this wouldn't make the same mistakes. They've earned my guarded optimism thus far.

To anyone watching, what do you think of it? Who do you like? Who do you loathe? Avoid book spoilers, please.