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  • Hi, just wanted to say I read your thread on overcoming SA. No solutions are popping into my mind as far as your desires and your work situation currently, but I'd be happy to be a student if you succeed with the goal of helping other SA sufferers. Anything pops my mind i'll let you know!
    Thanks feathers! If you are stuck, this program is very good! It does take a long time, but it prooves to be very helpful. And like i have said, i am not "cured" but i feel i have set up my foundation for happiness with this series...good luck!
    UnO, thank you for posting about the 'Step by Step' program! I only read the handout (so far) and it was very helpful!! :)
    Some good metaphors in there!! (that negative thoughts are like 'ants' and 'lies' etc!! :))
    Oh, and Happy New Year!! :)
    ohh dam it yes this is annoying! you know what I think ill create an AIM account thats it isnt it aim??

    haha I am a very lucky one I never get hangovers unless I drink a ridiculous amount like more then 12 drinks or something :) but yes alcohol gets to me quicker being on lexapro meh oh well means im an even cheaper drunk :) lol

    congrats on meeting another new girl hey thats rlly excellent :) so cbt is rlly paying off then? I think my therapist is doing cbt with me also she has gone thru my thought process with me etc I will never put myself down again I cant believe how much I used to do that its terrible :-(

    couch sitting is also done on a sunday lol but when the weather is just so goood u gotta get outside and either go shopping or to the beach :)
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