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  • Hi Scrabbl! I was rereading my thread and I suddenly missed you. LOL! Yesterday was my BF's birthday and I remembered again, your big part in my decision making when I was still doubting him. Now we're almost a year. Maybe what you said wasn't a big deal for you. But I treasure it most. Thank you so much my dear friend. :)
    Yeah, I've got 4 exams in the next 2 weeks and then I'm done, luckily only one of them is cumulative though. Well, I hope your job in a Cali goes well and good luck on your exams! :)
    yw, thanks for accepting. :) Yep, I'm in college, you are too? I'll be doing a lot better in a couple weeks when this semester is over lol. Anway, how are you?
    Those things can really bug me if I don't find out, so I had to google a little. It's 'Gentle Ascent' by Kandinsky :) So now you know! I don't draw, I just like looking at pictures with lots of color in them. Do you draw, yourself?
    Hi Scrabbl, thanks for the great contribution to the gamebook thread!
    Is your avatar by Kandinsky or Miró?
    I'm pretty good actually, even though I've brought up some morbid topics lately. Besides that... I got a bad rep point! I must have pissed someone off. (lol?:rolleyes:)

    How are you doing?
    Hello Alex. How are you? How is school going? I saw your message on msn the other day, sorry I missed you. Hope you're well :D
    Hi Scrabbl! Yeah, it's been like ages since I've posted in my journal. I can say that I feel fine for now. I still have the anxieties but nothing major to say in my journal. But I'm really glad that you've checked me out. Let's keep in touch. Thanks. :)
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