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  • HAHAHA, that made my day. I love winter, I miss it so much. Have not seen/touched snow in 10 years now.::(:
    Heh. Perhaps that it's an abbreviation. I don't know. Whenever I see "k" in one of your posts, I sense a deep desire to playfully slap you hard. Do you find that weird? You don't find "k" weird, do you?
    I would of never guessed that. Im mostly italian, I have about 25% scottish and 25% french too.
    Im doing alright, I get a little lonely sometimes, thats probably the worse thing to deal with. Whats your ethnicity? Ive seen your pic you kinda look like you have some latin or maybe even asian in you.
    Indeed. This came to me after remembering the true meaning of "avatar". I need to somewhat reflect who I really am or would like to be in order to be it. This image pretty much shows two sides of me at once, my sarcatsic/funny side (left) and my more serious/shy side (right).:D
    Hi Red, Thanx for your advice and I agree entirely with you on the fact, if you cannot change a situation what is the point of fighting it lol.
    Hi Ribbons, read your message and everything is going ok at the moment on my side, except my husband is having a few problems at work with his boss and it's making me feel a little depressed as I can't do anything to help him unfortunately.
    Haha, yes! My profile avatar is actually how I would like to be constantly but my posting avatar is how it pretty much reflects how I feel lately. It will eventually change as I progress little by little. Thanks for your nice comment and don't you feel anxious! It will soon be gone anyway.
    Hi red, I would just like to say Thanx for excepting my friendship invite as I have chatted with you a number of times on chatbox and shall keep in contact, so for now though take care.
    Hi Red, haven't heard from you in a while on chatbox, so I hope you will except my friendship invitation as this will mean a lot too me of course and hope to hear back from you soon.
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