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    pathological liars?

    hey everyone, yes, i know this is very random but ... do any of you know any pathological liars? there is this one girl in my grade who i swear lies about practically everything. not only did uma thurman's dog pee on her shoe, but she met usher. her mom is abusive to her (i saw an "IM...
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    do you find yourself hating confident people?

    hey, i had to go to a mall today (ahhhh :() and i noticed myself finding people who thought looked confident and they annoyed me so much! heh heh, i don't think i actually hate confident people but they are extremely annoying to be around sometimes, especially when you yourself are not as...
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    are any of you geniuses about puzzles? :/ damn homework

    for an extremely strange assignment, we had 30 rebus puzzles -- basically word puzzles in a box. i'll give you a few examples: HEAD HEELS is head over heels S S S S S S S S S S SHOES is tennis shoes (10 s) in pattern a is in a holding pattern There are a few I just can't get!! here...
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    white nationalism ... extremely messed up

    we're doing this social studies project about white nationalism -- we have to do a short essay on what we would say against it. but ... i found this white nationalist website, and these people are insane. they say they're intelligent people (and then go on to say the 9/11 attacks could have been...
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    afraid of having fun?

    I'm not really sure if this relates to social phobia, so I put it in this section. I was just wondering ... do any of you feel afraid of having fun? Like, on school days, I don't let myself do fun things after school out of fear that I'll be wasting time or I should be doing something else. Even...
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    10 days...

    10 days until Christmas vacation stars -- do I need that or what! Not much new has been with me since I last was here, except these past weeks and future week are destined for failure!! Destined!! My math teacher is incapable of teaching anything effectively, so I got an 83 (!) on this test ...
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    Urgent, kind of! Eighth grade project --

    we have to do what is called a "learning fair" (ends up in meeting with a whole bunch of people, awful) and I have this list of topics so far: 1) social anxiety... 2) history of rollercoasters? 3) amityville horror (its so dumb though) 4) what makes somebody a serial killer? Any more ideas...
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    Back for good

    hey everyone, I haven't been on lately, this partly due to poor internet connection but also because of tremendous amounts of work, anyway my internet is working so I will be back from now on :D I hope I didn't miss much
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    I HATE ELASTICS! you know, those damn rubber bands that go on braces because some unfortunate people like me have messed up teeth :( I have the worst setup ever: ahhh! :x
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    paul's rant

    hello everybody -- you may have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately (not that you should notice :)). partly this has been due to computer troubles, but mainly, recently I've been very stressed out. school is very difficult this year -- I am a perfectionist and get lots and lots of...
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    hey everybody, well my computer's here and as of today I should be posting as usual :D anything change around here since I was gone?
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    woohoo I am now an Advanced!

    I'm sure Bexi and Mcshy are looking down on me, being Experts and everything, and I bet red or worrydoll, are doing the same, but to the next extreme! :D Hmm, maybe I'll be an elite too -- someday
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    Game: Change a word

    Okay this is the last game I promise :) (we should have a separate forum for these things) but anyway this is how you play: Person A: I like to eat pizza. Person B: I hate to eat pizza. Person C: I hate to eat red pizza. etc... You can just change a word, or add one, or subtract one :) You...
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    Game: would you rather?

    Okay, I feel like I'm posting too many of these :oops: but anyway, person A: would you rather find cockroaches in your coffee or find a rat head in your soup? person B: cockroaches, would you rather ... etc etc Would you rather age only from the neck up or only from the neck down?
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    going to be gone for a small while -- a school sleepover...

    the worst thing my school possibly could have done: take the whole middle school and have them all talk -- no iPods allowed -- and have us share cabins... overnight! oaskdoa. nervous nervous nervous right now, I mean what were they thinking! :x and of course everyone else in my class is ...