afraid of having fun?


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I'm not really sure if this relates to social phobia, so I put it in this section. I was just wondering ... do any of you feel afraid of having fun? Like, on school days, I don't let myself do fun things after school out of fear that I'll be wasting time or I should be doing something else. Even if I have all my work done -- I can't have many forms of fun unless it doesn't "waste time." I mean, I believe in managing time well, but not being crazy like that!

Like today. It's the end of vacation; this happens every vacation. I feel like I didn't spend time well, I should have caught up on sleep more, I wasn't productive, etc. Towards the beginning of vacation, it's great because I have all this time ahead of me -- then, at the end, it's as bad as being in school. Not in terms of social anxiety, but I feel anxious about everything else.

Tomorrow I'm going to NYC for a part of the day, and although I would like to do this, I almost wish I wasn't going to go because I feel like I'm wasting time and should be working on things (even things that aren't required). It's just annoying; when I don't have social anxiety, other anxiety comes in. Does this happen to anyone else -- fear of having fun, or "wasting time"?


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I have that exact same thing. I know that I probably won't be doing anything productive during that time that I could be doing something fun, but I still don't want to do it because I know that if I do do it, I will definately be wasting time. Like, if I went and did that thing, I would know that I was wasting time. Eh, did that make sense? It's late and I'm kinda tired.


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Yes! It makes perfect sense! Well, it might not to somebody who doesn't know what we're talking about -- but it's crystal clear to me. It's such a relief to know this is not just me ... I can't even tell you.


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paul said:
Does this happen to anyone else -- fear of having fun, or "wasting time"?

Oh my gosh, I am JUST starting to think like that because I'm finishing off my degree, but hell, don't you dare get into those thought patterns...

Having fun = relaxing your brain and body = not wasting time. It's just a very different way of using your time effectively. Think of all the poor workaholics around the world wishing they could have a spare moment to let their brains rest for a few hours.

Personally I think taking a break is better in the long run than no break at all. Just like when you study better when you take little breaks instead of slogging your guts out for 6 hours straight. Ha, I'm even imaging this all as a graph - time vs. work effectiveness. The graph with breaks has the effectiveness peaking after each little break, but the one where the guy worked all day on his homework, that line is a slowly levelling out negative curve.

*forces Paul to have fun* :lol:

But I do know what you mean. I've been revising for my exams for almost 3 weeks now and every single day without fail I stop at 6pm to chill out, play video games, watch movies etc. and it really helps focus my mind before hand: I keep thinking 'well I'm going to have that break anyway, so I might as well work as effectively as I can right now.' But still, I can't help but feel as if I'm wasting this potential study time.

All work and no play ... you know the rest, right? :wink:


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I'm afraid of having fun and often think if i should have fun or should study and do something productiv ....and finaly i just wasting my time fun and nothing productiv don't achive :(


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yeaa.. i think i cant have real fun without a Guilt-Crime afterwards!
i wud go like " Oh gosh,instead,, i wud be doin this,, or finishing this,,"
At the end ,, im not even produtive!


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Definitely - I feel that the worse I feel now, the better I will do for my exams and visa versa.


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"Afraid of having fun?"

No, fun is afraid of ME... 8)

But, yeah, I can never really relax, always feel that I should be doing something else.


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Yea my father really had a thing for that.If it was not productive then you was not suppose to do it.Having fun for the sake of have fun was a sin.So through most of my early years I always felt guilty for having fun.I still do a little bit even now.