do you find yourself hating confident people?


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hey, i had to go to a mall today (ahhhh :() and i noticed myself finding people who thought looked confident and they annoyed me so much! heh heh, i don't think i actually hate confident people but they are extremely annoying to be around sometimes, especially when you yourself are not as confident.

has anybody found themselves hating confident people? :p or am i crazy? as much as i'd like to be completely SA-free, i've always been a little scared that i would turn into one of those confident people that seem so evil to me right now


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Sometimes i act over confident to hide the real truth,could have been one of those people at the mall myself.Although I highly doubt it lol,its right up there with a visit to hell for me :?


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there are certain kinds of confident, theres the fake kind of confident and the genuine confident, one of my friends at work is just a naturally confident and charming person and we were walking through the car park at work and he was tooted twice by passing cars because admittedly he also has devilish good looks, i can admit that, so he is used to attention and deals with it like second nature, at the same time he's never had a girlfriend because thats his problem area, sometimes i wish i had what he has because everyone who meets him wants to be his best friend although him and i share similar interests, some people have that ability to connect and others struggle, i walk away thinking about my friend and sometimes i do feel jealous or envious but if anything it makes me want to strive for what he has


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jealousy = yes I guess I would probably be really jealous of confident people. I'm actually in aw of them how do they pull it off? I think that to myself a lot.. But I used to be like that, and never wondered or questioned me being any different. Now i look at them and wonder how its even possible....weird how life changes so much. Now im home on a saturday night, and on here cause it makes me feel better for not being social. And even tho i am sick...i'm just using that as an excuse. I m not sick enough to go out somewhere.

But focus not so much on other people. That helps me. Even though most of us realize we have negative thoughts about oursleves, Really focus on not having negative thoughts about other people. (not saying you are) cause we always will. But it just helped me a lot with my anixety.


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hey everyone, and thanks for your replies :) reholla, thanks for that advice, i do tend to focus on other people a lot probably more than i should. it just seems so difficult -- though entirely possible -- to ignore all those confident people... damn confident people! we're normal; they're not! :p

worrydoll, i don't know if you were joking or not (half joking maybe?) but i agree with you! i've never really compared daffodils to confident people hehe but the link is strong. also, daffodils are hard to spell...! (well for me at least)


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I think it's great when people have what I like to call "quiet confidence." They are confident in their self but they are not arrogant or flashy about it. Quiet confidence is very beautiful!


Yeah overly confident people really bother me, and only becasue I'm jealous I think. Quietly confident people don't bother me at all, I admire them. Its the ones who are being a little too confident (if you know what I mean) that annoy me, I'm like 'what have they got that makes them so damn confident?' and then sometimes I feel like they are just doing to cover the fact that they aren't actually that confident, being fake, that really bothers me. If everyone would just go around and act the way they really feel everyone would have to stop guessing, we could all be honest and truthful to everyone, not hiding our true feelings or emotions.

oh man, I've gone on too much, I apologise.


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I don't hate anyone but I am bothered by confident people for no other reason then i'm jealous and a little bit bitter of them.

There a big difference in being confident and being arrogant and narcissistic.Arrogent people are the people I don't like.You know the people that think there gods gift to mankind but confident people are ok in book.


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I hate some confident people that I have a better personality then, but cause they have courage to be themselves in public and I don't, they get all the glory. I don't know about you people, but I think I'm gonna go back to focusing on money and possessions. It was when I was the happiest.


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I don't hate confident people- it all depends upon people's personality. I don't like the traits of arrogance, selfishness and jealously. Although I a fine one to talk regarding the latter trait!