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  • hey there, sorry for not gettin back in a while... ive been to blackwood once! haha yes im oldsckool with ASLs and LOLs and what have you. im 27 and have had HH since age 12. fun stuff. never heard of propantheline but my drs are hardly any help with me and just say go to a dermatologist yet dont give me enough info to do so... gettin fed up now.r u male or female btw? u didnt say before... peacex
    hi! thanks for acceptin my friend reqst. ASL? (as they used to say...age/sex/location?) although im guessin you are 25/26? im lookin to meet either likeminded forum users, british people similar to my age and hh sufferers like me. would b great to hear back from u if u wanna chat! :) nic x
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