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  • Hey. Yeh it is a bit ****ty but I am feeling more positive now after having a chat with my tutor and not feeling like so much of a stranger anymore. It is hard though! I am looking forward to my degree being over because I intend to spend a few months working on myself and trying to deal with some of my issues without the bombardment of uni work getting in my way! and yeah I can't wait for the spring either! WHY IS IT SO COLD ALL THE TIME!!!?
    Hey. yeah I have tried talking to several different tutors but none have been very supportive. In fact they have been quite insensitive really! The art world is not built for people with even slightly low self esteem, it must be said. It is all well and good being good at drawing but actually being an artist requires a lot of pushy self-confidence which I just don't have! I have received a lot of help from other areas of my uni though, like the counselling service for example who have all been really great. Thanks for your message though, much love xx
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