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  • Yeah you can see how well I do with responding to **** :/ But yes it was good, See you in the chat room.
    Oh hey dude, it was okay, nothing special. Sorry I didn't send out that card, I was meaning to (I have bad procrastination when it comes to mail by post) :p And yours?
    That all sounds incredibly delicious! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving; lots of really great moments and tons of good food. Glad to hear yours went well. :)
    Oh I know, I lived in CA for three years. Pumpkin pie ftw!

    That said, I did talk to one (admittedly young) American while I was there, who asked me when we celebrated it. I had to explain to him about the pilgrims and all.
    Hello Michael. I accepted your friend request, and no it's not creeping. I would love new friends that I can relate to also :)
    Hey thanks for the message! It actually went really good. She was cool and down to earth and i felt comfortable having conversation and laughing with her. That is a rare thing for me. We went for ice cream tonight and she just texted me, so that makes me feel better. How was your weekend?
    It's actually pretty nice theres all kinds of food and wine and I make espresso for everyone, I put dark rum in it once and that was good. yeah it really is a good time, The adults well some of them do a gift exchange and we all by for the kids under 21. We actually act like like we like each other. You know we all love each other but we don't always like each other :/ know what I mean. What about you I feel like I dominating this, It's your turn spill. LOL!
    Wow, you're organized. I really need to get onto that, but I'm a terrible procrastinator.

    Do you do Christmas with family? How do you find it?
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