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  • i don't know how it happened, but when i started talking to you on deviantart i had totally forgotten that you were from this site. so i was shocked to see you on here, when i recognized your avatar, lol. so, hi :)
    am good yeah, was up at 8am today and i have not been up this early in years lol
    I found most of ur drawings to be bit depressing, no offence, I really liked the one with the water lilies, the lake and the mountain, good job, I'll go and make an account too, if I ever draw something and have access to a scanner, i'll let you know
    oh, no, srry, I don't post what I draw on the net, cuz its like just a hobby - for fun - kind of thing, I don't want people start judging how good or how bad my drawings are, and plus, I don't have a scanner in residence, so I can't post my drawings up anyways.

    if i ever get the chance, i would love to go to somewhere remote just to stargaze or watch a meteor shower, the closest place I have to total darkness here in University is infront of the chemistry building. I don't like the city, cuz there's so much light pollution, u can barely see anything, but its the best i've got

    do u have a DA page?
    I'm from canada, Edmonton, it says that on my "about me page" and other things too

    what do I like...hmm..well..

    It's been along time since I drew anything, I mean sketchs, I love art, but I can't create them, only copy, like sketching, but I didn't have the time after junior high school, I was taking IB courses, and it sucked, and still now, I left all my sketching pencils back in calgary :(, damn

    I like star trek...lol nerd..and generally all sci-fi movies/shows, anime,

    I like astronomy too, and I have this old telescope back in my home town, I couldn't bring it to unviersity, I loved stargazing, i found it relaxing, and comforting

    beside that, maybe some volunteering work this year..um..join this aerial robotics club in school, and study study study..:(

    o, ok, i guess, except I had some silent moments with my guy roomate, I didn't know what to say, so there was that sense of boredom between us.. how bout urself? where u from?
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