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  • Eae fiquei feliz que meu post tenha te ajudado a sair da zona de conforto, eh isso mesmo cara... temos que agir como guerreiros não como vitimas
    Have you considered it may be a health issue that makes you feel "braindead"? I usually feel the need to take a nap (after 8+ hours of sleep), aside from feeling tired in general and am awaiting blood work results. What about setting up a temporary basketball hoop where you live. Sorry if this isn't helping, trying to think of some suggestions.
    I see. Well perhaps you should take some time to brainstorm what you might prefer. Could you join a club?
    That's quite the amount, lol. What is it that keeps you avoiding studying? I think that you should use things that you like to do as motivation factors. Treat yourself to say, a video game after you study a said amount of hours in a day. There will be days where you fail, but more or less it should get you into the habit of picking up a study routine and biting the bullet. Don't want to start freaking out near the test dates because you have to start studying at the last minute.
    Hi. I saw your post in the "how are you feeling thread?" I'm sorry that you feel you never get replies. What tests are you suppose to be studying for if you don't mind me asking?
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