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  • Sorry about how I reacted during our chat.

    It's was just your response kinda upset me a bit because I was seriously askin' for your advice/opinion. :sad:

    Hope I didn't upset you , sorry if I did. Feel like a right idiot because of it, now. :eek:mg:
    Hello :greeting:

    I noticed that you attempted to chat with me again. But I'm always too late to reply to ya. Sorry I keep missing you. :eek:h: Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that I'm not ignoring you, in case I gave you that impression. :) :thumbup:
    Hey, I saw that you were trying to chat with me. Sorry I missed it. The message popped up, but then went blank, so I didn't get it exactly.
    Hi, I saw that you attempted to chat with me but I was using the browser on my phone so I was unable to read it or respond. I wasn't ignoring you. Sorry
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