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  • 05-12-2012 06:50 PM - permalinkemre43

    Wow.You have been to quite a few places.Unfortunetly I have not done much travelling myself but its something that I am planning to do soon.Has travelling taught you anything and what fun things did you do whilst travelling.I would like to visit Australia,Canada,places like Cornwall,The Lake District in England,New Zealand,parts of Africa and some other distinations one day.
    Im guessing the animals the vets deal with varies greatly depending which part of England they are based.There probably would not be many horses in a vets in Croydon for example.Lol. The place were you are voluntarying seems to have good variety in animals.Have you ever done any horse riding in your life. Its something I have never done but it looks fun.The other day at work I was having a chat with this guy about hobbies and interests.Even though I had tried a few different activities over the years like going to concerts,I realized I still had not experienced quite a few things.Things such as rollerskating,playing mini golf,go karting,travelling(I have only been to France for weekend and it rained mostly).
    Hi.Good to hear from you I thought we had lost touch and that would be a shame.I think people who ride horses are often from the middle or upper classes.If you are not from that class then maybe the person may feel like a outsider.From the sounds of it you are working your way through the whole animal kingdom.Horses are beautiful animals to look at.Some can be quite interestingly characters,going by what I have read or seen on tv.
    Hi.I think lots of people with or without anxiety find getting to know new people tricky.Most people don't like rejection ,so that may stop them from offering to spend time with someone during lunch break.I have those fears but I think to myself what's the worse that can happen.If they say no then that's their choice,that does not mean that I'm not some one worth spending time with.If they respond in a rude way,then they are not worth knowing anyway.Sometimes I spend part of my lunch with classmates other times I don't.I bring a couple of books with me to college that I can read during lunch break if I'm I'm the mood.Have you applied to more than one college?Some times waiting for something such as a message from a college,can be difficult since its important to you.
    Wow, your job sounds so awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I would suggest getting some experience in with as many different types of animals as you can, then decide which area you want to concentrate on. I'm so jealous!
    Hi.Are you enjoying the course and what are some of the most interesting things have you learnt.I have been on my Gardening course for over 6 months.Do you talk to other people in class.I have made an effort to speak to the other people in my class.The people I feel more comfortable with I make more of an effort to speak to more regularly.It can be fun at times but hard going at other times such as at lunch time when some people go off together.
    It can be hard to work out what you want to do as a job and what you should study or do to achieve it.There are so many choices.The way I see it if you will be doing a job potentionally for decades,then it must be something you are passionate about.It took me a few years to work out that I really wanted a job involving nature.Being a gardener is what I'm studying to become.I made a few wrong choices job and study wise in the past.It sounds like you have a passion for animals,so working with them makes sense.It can be very rewarding but emotionally tough dealing with very ill animals.Were will you be studying and is it full time or part time.
    Hi.How did you get the voluntarying post,it sounds interesting.Do you know much about animals like rabbits,pigs? The college were I do a part time Gardening course has a city farm on its grounds.They have animals like rabbits,pigs there.The rabbits are very cute but the pigs are less so.You should definetly try to enjoy the experience.
    Hi.Voluntarying in an animal rescue centre sounds like it could be interesting and worthwhile work.I have a lot of respect for people who dedicate themselves to taking care of animals,plants,etc.I have been working in the resturant for over a year.Before this job I had been unemployed for two years partially due to my anxiety about working with people.My job is emotional tough due to my anxiety but there are positives too.Such as a sense of pride that comes from being employed, more money coming in, getting a chance to have a laugh with a few people.I try to focus on the positives when things get hard at work.How many days will you be at the cente and when do you start?
    Hi.Voluntarying is a useful way to be social, stay busy, learn new skills, get exercise,etc.I definetly found it useful.What does your voluntarying involve.I do conservation voluntarying outdoors in the Surrey area.Its built my confidence,improved my social skills and I got to spend time working in nature.Good to hear your councelling is helpful.In my case its one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was really hard at first to open up to a stranger,but it got easier over the months.I chose a female therapist delibertley and some of the topics and issues I have discussed with her,I have never spoken about with anyone before.Which rock groups do you like.Some of my favourite rock groups are Muse,Feeder, Nine inch Nails,Paparoach,Guns and Roses,Bush, Foofighters and others. I like bands that combine melody,harmony with heavy guitar and drums.Deep meaningful lyrics are important. Comedy is one of favourite things in books,films and tv.Its hard to be sad if you are smilling.
    What sort of things have you learnt during your session.I have been seeing a therapist for quite a while.Its helped me build my confidence and I know myself better.Do you find. musi c relaxing.I'm a big fan of rock music mainly but I listen to some rnb and classical too.Its an important part of my life and I use it to lift my spirits and to calm me dow.Having things that bring happiness into your life each day is important.It helps to counter the negative and sorrow that living with anxiety can bring up.I watch a lot of comedy programmes like The Bing bang theory, 8 out of 10 cats, Last of the Summer Wine.Do you like comedy and comedy programmes.Laughing is theraputic I think.
    Paranoia can be such a destructive thing and so many things such as what someone hears and sees,can feed that sense of paranoia.It can greatly influence the way you see the world.I know from personal experience.I have been working on reducing my level of paranoia.I'm working on not believing what my paranoia tells me and I'm working on not allowing it to affect my emotions.Its tough but over the months its helping bit by bit. Do you see anyone about your anxiety.Do you use self help books?
    Peoples instinct to keep themselves safe is a strong one.Maybe in some its too strong.We all have fears and insecurities.With anxiety in my case its easy to see strangers as the enemy.Blame them for the way I'm feeling.That's the easier think to do.In reality the way I feel comes from the inside and its to do with the negative way I view people.I can't change people but I can change the way I react to them.The business of the news media is to get people to watch.They believe that this is done by reporting mainly negative news.If it bleeds it leads.Good news does not often get a look in.I don't watch tv news regularly and I don't read tabloid newspapers.Being bombared with negative use to make me think badly of people and left me angry or upset,so I stopped listening and watching most of it unless its more positive news,science related,etc.I'm working on reducing my paranoia which has been an issue for me over the years.Do you get paronoid.
    Hi.That was an interesting quote.Some one who is trully happy with themselves don't need to pick on others to appear big or clever.Standing up for yourself or just saying no takes confidence.I don't know if you suffer from a lack of confidence or not.Over the years I have suffered from a lack of confidence.At times it has been rock bottom.I have been seeing a therapist about my anxiety and related issues for quite a while.I have spent a lot of time building my confidence so that I can value myself and not feel worthless anymore.My confidence level stays usually above average know.I'm still working on it though.If you don't mind me asking what do you think would happen if you did say no?
    .Hi Tom.If you don't mind me asking what were you bullied about? Some children like some adults can be cruel.They will try to find victims to pick on so they appear strong and powerful.I read somewhere that some people who bully have been bullied themselves at home or they have witnessed bullying in the home.That does not make it acceptable of course.It is important to stand up for yourself as a teen and as an adult.Getting your point across and not being pushed around.Obviously there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.Its not easy to do either.Its something I have had to learn to do over the years due to being very shy.Are you able to sand up for yourself as an adult or do you still find it hard? Every decade has its problems really.Its easy at times to view the past through rose tinted glasses.There are good and bad people in the world.Regardless of the decade that has always been the case I think.
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