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    Head Shaking Phobia

    If anyone out there has a phobia, like me, about head shaking and needs the proof that it's not a problem, look no further than Beyonce's Single Ladies video At 3:17 you can see her head kind of wiggle. See for yourself: Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Video Version) - YouTube N...
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    Are There Any Gay Guyz???

    Hey I was just wondering if there are any other gay guys on here. Not in a creepy way, just like I've never had a gay friend and real life friends are out of the question at this point, so I was hoping that I could create a community if there are enough people. Hello if you're there!:question:
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    Why Does Smiling Hurt?

    Hey so does anyone else struggle with smiling in conversations? It's like I genuinely think something is funny, but when I smile, my face hurts. Like I'm trying hard to reassure people that I'm enjoying the conversation, but then my face starts hurting and I feel it twitching or I can't...