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  • Really good idea, a bit of breathing space when your studies are over. finally warming up in devon, thank god!! whereabouts are you? Olive x
    Better late then never, welcome to Spw Cat! artist/writer/poet/conspiracy theorist... you must be a fan of Steven Fry and Qi?
    that's sad your tutors have responded like that :( glad there's a good counselling service though, universities seem to have that covered, in my experience. I know what you mean about the pushy art world, so many egos. i work in comms and see so many loud confident people, I'm really in the minority and have real trouble with those 'so-important' networking events. if I do come across someone like me I am so relieved... they do exist!

    so how are you getting on this term?? I'm so looking forward to some warmer weather.

    Olive xx
    I know what you mean by self-publicizing and confidence. My career interests require a lot of social interaction and networking. Unfortunately, that's where my talents are. I could never do a job like accounting or computer programing. I just don't have the aptitude or desire. It would be so boring!
    Hey, well done for getting this far in your degree, that's no mean feat. i had trouble at uni too, and didn't tell anyone for ages... eventually I spilled my guts to the friendliest professor and he was really helpful! gave me advice, said I could take time off, even come back the next year if I wanted to. i don't know, maybe there's someone in your faculty who can help. good luck x
    I know how you feel. This disease has also infiltrated and destroyed my life. I remember a time when I wasn't like this, sure I was always a bit quiet and reserved but not to this degree. It sucks!
    I think it's cool that you're majoring in art! I'm not good at drawing but I'm pretty creative myself.
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