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  • YEES its a big event. Bigger than the olympics. He does seem to do alot better with clubs. I remembered reading he choked in the qualifiers, not scoring a goal. Im from the uninteresting land of Canada.
    hey man just saw your signature and decided to check out your profile. I see your Portugese (ronaldo ftw), looking forward to the World Cup?
    Um bocado stressado com a universidade, vai ser uma semana cheia de laboratórios. É algo que me deixa particularmente ansioso, não só pela socialização implícita, mas pela minha mania de imputar as culpas em mim mesmo quando algo corre menos bem…

    Haha, sinto-me estranho a falar português aqui, já estava habituado ao inglês
    yeah, kent is great but we are kind of average.

    hahah ugh, gangsta rap! i have to admit that i had a poster with 50 cent in my ceiling when i was (younger) :||||
    yeah he is but it's not like i want to brag about him, you know. haha.
    i know it's cliche but you can't expect more from swedes, :p ventrillo? huh?

    that's very true, sometimes i question myself, how could i listen to that? but at the same time i have a lot of memories from that music. not always good ones, but still.
    did you ever like spice girls or backstreet boys (bsb)?
    ah, but when im thinking about it .. christiano speaks portuguese? and i don't think it sounds like spanish :p maybe some words but not the language itself.

    haha i luv it! ''hey, isn't Ed sleazy?'' i like the original song by taylor swift too, it's so cute! oh, i'm dead serious, actually. Ah, i know, and i'm always sarcastic about things, sorry if i confuse you sometimes, haha. so you're throwing **** at basshunter? the swedish bloke? haha, i loved this one when i was younger and more weird.

    YouTube - Basshunter : Now You're Gone

    .. Let's put a smile on that face!
    mira el gato! haah i don't know what i'm typing. is it a big difference between spanish and portuguese?
    oh my god, are you kidding me? that was the most terrible music i've ever heard! haha, what the hell rui xD i'd rather listen to the black eyed peas!

    YouTube - (Bella) You Belong with me Jacob Black Remix with lyrics
    I'd dance my hart out to this!
    haha no, that would be quite bad! i'll never go to a lively concert again.
    loco en el coco, hahahah omfg! my sisters .. not boyfriend but yeah i don't know what he is .. anyways he says ''ey loca'' all the time, i guess that's your thing!

    AAAAAH! i don't know about you but i'd dance my pants off! .. if i had something running in my blood .. otherwise i'd sit the **** down! and listen to ''meet me halfway''
    haha i love banana split! or loved .. but still :p

    hahahah jumping and rubbing! puh, a nightmare, indeed. That's why i've never tried it.
    the only thing i've tried is concerts and the people went bananas, you know headbangers and moshpits all over the place. And when i was waiting for panic at the disco i almost fell on the floor, i was going back and forth like a wave. I'd like to go to a club with social phobics only, haha can you imagine that?
    ahah i don't know about that but i believe you're a good dancer. i mean, common, you can do the moonwalk and you're thinking about doing it in a banana :'D you have to be a good dancer! faceplant? haha, do you wanna look like a banana?
    it was quite fun but it was terrifying with all those mirrors :eek: it was like a horror movie!

    haha omg! please, don't cross the line! the only thing i can se infront of me is; you in that banana costume and your moonwalk fails a bit and you slip on the peel, or should i say sliiiiiiiiiiiide?
    kjdshgkds, did you moonwalk for your friends? omfg! haha
    indeed. i hope you feel the force some day soon :'D

    HAHA, it was horrible! ''do the sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide'' i almost died, hip hop is not ma thing!

    AAAAH BANANAWESOME! if i make you a banana-costume you'll dance for the world on youtube! right?
    hahahahahh yeah! no one hates matthew bellamy, that would be silly :p
    haha oh no, can you do moonwalk? prove it!

    I'M DANCING IN SCHOOL TODAY, IT'S LIKE ..... THREE HOURS LEFT! it's gymclass, buhu.

    ahahahah omfg, i'm dying here! rock it like matt! ahah btw omg, have you seen matthew dance on stage?

    last time i danced was last week in my living room, oh dear god .. ouch, it was different. And this week i have to dance hip hop in school! please kill me?
    argh, you doubleposter!

    maybe you're drinking it the wrong way, try to sip it, lol.

    hahaha the dancing part <3
    you should totally try that dance and upload it on youtube! pretty please::p:
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