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  • Hey! Good to know they caught it early!! A great uncle recovered many times too!! (He's such an awesome person and a true fighter too!) Don't worry, I'm okay.. just been busy with other (eco) things... He he, isn't being off this site a *good* thing? :) How's your work and life going?
    Yup, my life is like a Japanese drama but hey - things are interesting...
    Glad to hear it went okay!! :) Yup, it's normal for it to be scary at first, and to be exhausted... Someone told me she only worked and slept her first year, pretty much, and all she had to do was sit there :D and walk around a bit and such.. then next year she signed up for gym and did more exercise and things went better.. so I highly recommend a regime of exercise (ideally something fun you like to do!) to fit into your schedule!
    Yup, parents & family can make up for things too :) Don't count on it too much though, he he.. so you'll be pleasantly surprised when it happens... I think they will be more understanding now that you have a job too, mine were.. they may still expect some help in the household (and maybe contributing to costs), so you may want to discuss these things when you're up for it.. (And in your place I'd still keep in mind saving to move out and live on your own.. :))
    It's normal to get upset by siblings and parents!! Unfortunately, it would be great if they could just read our mind and make us feel better, no? I think they challenge us to learn patience and understanding!! And possibly we can learn a lot from them too (even if they claim Coca Cola is a cure for all illness and such in the world.. don't ask..)
    It's normal to be a little nervous or excited before the job too!! You were before the interview too and you ACED it!!

    You're gonna ACE IT and do GREAT at the job tomorrow!!!! :)
    Thanks Acegame! :) It's really good to know how it went for you! Yup, lots of passion, hope other things and $$$ will follow too!! :) Thanks for the info! You can check out many businesses this way and learn a lot, this is actually a really smart way to go about it! Lots of people have a biz with similar services too.. That's not a PM btw (PM is private, this is just a vistor's message for others to see, if they come to check out the profile, so I'll understand if you might want to edit or delete..)
    Hey Acegame! :) Thank you for all your answers! I'd be really interested to know what kind of job you managed to find and what's your dream job and education? (Maybe as PM if you can?)
    So very cool. Never mind the thread, that's all I wanted to know. You're on the road now!
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