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Old 10-04-2009

Since i have overcome my SA, each day i seem to become more and more confident and dare i say....cocky! not in the bad sense of the word more of a sharp tounged sassy kinda way lol. Each day more of the real Barry is coming out and i am starting to feel a shift in me too, not sure what it is but it feels like the death of old habits and the birth of new ones. Its great because i have no bad experinces with a lot of things i missed out on and now that i am only trying things out i should of done years ago i have no bad experiences to think about that might hold me back. For a while i was very depressed for other reasons and the doctor gave me tablets but i dont take them now because i was not happy with the side effects that was listed

Anyways i almost feel reborn, its funny i have this positive outlook and feel full of confidence i dont know were it came from but hey i'm not complaing lol. I dunno at some point over the last few weeks something happened and now i dont feel scared anymore i feel ready to take on anything that comes my way, JESUS WAIT A MINUTE!.....maybe this is what it feels like to be confident? all those audiobooks i listened to in the past maybe what i am feeling now is what they was talkin about?

Well i dont know but today i sure feel good, I feel like i accpected something, i then got something in return and know i gotta use it.... i dont know what it is but there is someting inside me tellin me i need to seek something almost like a quest i must go on to find this thing. I'm not afraid anymore i feel at peace
Old 10-04-2009
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Are you Dr. David Baner? Did your flesh change color from pale white to dark green? Did you go through a metamorphosis? Did you get hypertrophy? Large rapid muscle growth??? Dude.... you must be the Hulk!!! Don't worry though, it does where off after a while.... LOL

Glad your feeling better than all of us.... Hey whatever your takin, give some to us too!!!
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Old 10-04-2009
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Hi i'm glad you're feeling better but i'm sceptical about these posts where members claim to have suddenly made a miraculous change. I went through a stage where i was feeling good for a while but i came crashing down with a thump. I'm sorry if i am sounding pessimistic.
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Old 10-04-2009

ahh man i'm over this SA/SP a good while about 3 weeks or so when i first signed in as just "REDZER"
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