Work Lunches


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Recently, I have gone to lunch with some colleagues. The first time, there were 5 of us (all in the same position, all female). It was an okay experience, except I felt like I couldn't contribute much to the conversation. I have decent, if distant, relationships with 3 of the other 4. The fourth I have felt a little intimidated by, but get along with her mostly on a personal level.

The second lunch (today), was the same 5, plus 2 more (males, in the position higher than us). I have similarly decent relationships with them as the rest of the people there. A couple of the women were planning to do something during an upcoming weekend (not work related) and invited the rest of us. I'm interested in going, and feel a little more confident in my relationships/work ability after this.

I'm glad that I have this upswing to my mood, but wish it weren't so influenced by other people.


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I'm glad to hear you're interested in going and more confident in your work relationships with them. It may be something to build off. Best of luck to you!


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I wish I had connections with people I feel I get along with and are ok to be friends with (for example, they're not too old, can be old though), but one thing that's happening for me is that I have a place I go to for people with mental health challenges and they're having a continental breakfast and I received a call of it coming up so I'm going for the social and I hope it's good. I hope it includes scrambled eggs.