Which movie character are you?


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For better or worse, what movie character reminds you of yourself?

I remember the first time I watched Swingers, it was uncanny how many similarities there were between Jon Favreau's character and myself. The person I was watching the film with even commented on it.

If you haven't seen the movie, Jon Favreau plays a chump who is hopeless at meeting women. He makes an ass out of himself on so many occasions, it's really not a character you want to resemble. But I don't feel too bad about it, after reading the IMDB message boards it seems a lot of others relate to his character =)

Anyway your turn.
haha lol. Idk the only person I can think of right now is Barry Egan,

edit: I thought about I think I'm a cross between "The Dude" and Barry Egan.


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Chod77 said:
the only person I can think of right now is Barry Egan,
that's actually a really good one, completely skipped my mind. Great movie though, Adam Sandler's best IMO.

So how many sliding glass windows have you broken? :)


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Ah, "Swingers" is a good movie. Also, Vaughn and Favreau were great together in "Made".

Paulie Bleeker in "Juno".

And except for the attempted suicide part, I can relate to Richie Tenenbaum in "The Royal Tenenbaums"

And yeah, I can see some of myself in Chad from the anime "Bleach" too. Other anime characters I found myself relating to were Renton Thurston in "Eureka Seven" and Miki in "Revolutionary Girl Utena".


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Every movie fat guy that acts like a cowards and screws everything up for the main characters. They often sweat excessively, wear glasses and can be spotted eating large buckets of chickenwings.


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I love Swingers.

Adam Sandler's character in Punch Drunk Love reminds me of me, and I hate that but I still love the movie.


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Punch Drunk Love character, Lars And The Real Girl character also reminds me in some parts,I actually behaved erratically for some time,it was not in the same way as him,but it still crippled my social life a lot.


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the character drew barrymore plays in 'never been kissed.' she's so awkward, both socially & otherwise, & she just reminds me so much of myself all throughout school.


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i am the charactor that Edward Norton plays in fight club.
The movie doesnt atchully say his name, but Brad Pitt playes Tyler Durden, n i am the other guy

the phyco one.


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Mommy named me after Luke Skywalker, and I've always secretly strived towards something greater than myself.

And although I know it's not the case, I've felt like Faramir since I first saw the second movie of "The Lord of the Rings." Sometimes it seems like no matter what I do, I'll never be good enough.

At those times I like to read some of the original Conan stories. Then I feel like I can do anything! :D