When I'm down.. (Not for the squeamish)

Absolutely wonderful animation.. I have always admired the fighter pilots of WW2, especially the Brits, defending their homeland against the onslaught and might of the German war machine.. they were TRUE hero's. If you were a Brit, you could worship those guys as gods in every sense of the word.
Not like the kind they report on today, a guy saves a cat from a tree etc..

Great battle scenes. It does something to a man.. something primeval and hits at his core. A desire to kill the enemy, but more so defend his brothers and loved ones.

Amazing cinematography, great acting.. truly terrifying as a man to step into this world.

A great rousing battle cry from King Théoden!

Once again great cinematography.. unbelievable to think this was all done in a studio. Has it's origins in history.

Absolutely wonderful scene. Epic in every sense.
Absolutely epic.

Sir Elrond.. the most Bad - Ass elf warrior ever.
Saruman.. played by Christopher Lee.. recently departed.. you can see in this scene it's when Saruman is overwhelmed by Sauron's power.
And.. Lady Galadriel.. such Bad Ass she Power!