When I'm down.. (Not for the squeamish)

So I joined up.. paid my subscription.. and waited for the game to download... I waited and waited.. and waited. Back then I was in dial up.. and had no idea of internet speed, patching, uploads and downloads.. after 4 days.. it was ready to play..lol.
I sat in the gaming room I had set up... and pressed "enter world"....

I sat with baited breath.. nervously excited, as it loaded... when the msg came up "you are in the que ".. 857.. of 857.. I'll never forget the dissapointment lol!

So about 20 minutes later.. I had to choose my character.. and because I could have a pet/companion I chose a night elf hunter. I entered the realm for the 1st time.. the starting area safe from attacks.. so I learned how to play.. the basics. Then the 1st expansion came..

I continued to play.. learning my craft.. standing toe to toe with my enemies as a hunter... (lol! Ok you're not supposed to do that as a hunter... but hey, I was a noob!)
I branched out into the game, getting better and better.. realizing the strengths and weaknesses of my class.. I began hiding in bushes in stealth mode on the outskirts of Ashenvale and attacking horde passing through.. what a rush.. I was addicted.

So I played.. a lot. Getting better, doing research.. I spent a good 6 months living in that world.. and I loved it.
You see, at that time it was cutting edge. Interacting with other people who were sitting at home, enjoying the same thing you were.. you had a common bond without having to say it. We all loved WoW.
And then.. came the next expansion... the big one.. the glory days of WoW...
I remember there was a special release of this expansion.. a midnight release. Which speaks of just how big it was when you lived in a small country town at the time and the local EB games store had a midnight opening for the expansion.. there was quite a turnout! Many more people than I had expected had waited until midnight to turn up at the store to collect their copy of "Wrath of the Lich King". The mood was great! It felt like we all had something in common.. everyone was excited, you could clearly tell.

By this stage I had upgraded to a reasonable internet provider.. so when I got home I didnt have to wait too long before I could delve into the world of the Lich King...
Within the first few weeks I had decided (after trying quite a few guilds and not liking them) to make a guild of my own.
I thought long and hard about its name, with many cool names already taken. In the end I decided to call it "LIEGE". I liked the name because of one of its descriptions in the dictionary; "vassal of a weapon".

And so began an amazing journey.. one minute I had no one else in the guild.. a few weeks later I had over 300 people in it .. and we had an amazing time. I - to this day - still talk to one of the people that joined "LIEGE" in the early days. She holds a special place in my heart. Many a night we in LIEGE all stayed up late.. questing and running dungeons together, running raids.. some nights we laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks..
The glory days..
Then came"Cataclysm"..
The dungeons weren't as good.. the big evil raid boss was just not as cool as Arthas.. with the coming of "Deathwing" the landscape changed..
But on the upside, the questing was absolutely epic!
Sometimes I feel like I'm dying at dawn
And sometimes I'm warm as fire
But lately I feel like I'm just gonna rain
And it goes over, and over, and over again, yeah
Too many flames, with too much to burn
And life's only made of paper
Oh, how I need to be free of this pain
But it goes over, and over, and over, and over again
Yeah, sometimes I cry for the lost and alone
And for their dreams that will all be ashes
But lately I feel like I'm just gonna rain
And it goes over, and over, and over, and over again