When I'm down.. (Not for the squeamish)

Funny story... I actually used the intro of this song one night to pretend I was crazy (Lol!.. yea I know, I know...:LOL:) and avoid being thrown into the cops paddy wagon..

So my mates and I had been drinking... a lot.
We went our separate ways and it was about 3am.. I had to walk to my house, I was about 18 at the time so had no respect for the law. Anyways I was walking through the main street when the cops pull up in a paddy wagon and said "what are you doing?".. more than one cop got out the car..
My spidey senses started tingling.. this was going to end up with me spending the night in the cells.. black and blue..its what the boys in blue used to do to us lol.. I told them I was just walking home.. but they seemed intent on putting me in the wagon.. so I thought fk it.
I started yellling quite loudly.. well, the opening to this song.

The cops just all stood there in disbelief.. like I was some whacko :LOL: as I continued the lyrics and eventually walked away from them.. and got home haha. I'd love to know what was going through their minds..

I'm hanging by threads.. it's only the things I love that keep me from ending it.. I need something to distract me.. so I'm going to go over some of my fav gaming cinematics.. I hold these close to my heart.. it's funny, its only a game but... I hold these memories so dearly and close to my heart..

Vanilla Wow..
I actually missed the original opening.. but just before the 1st expansion I did see a cinematic that truly got my attention.. You see, I had just suffered a serious back injury at work.. had been off work for 2 months and was looking at the next 10 months off work... Being house bound was driving me crazy.. and then I came across this cinematic.. little did I know it would change the course of my life..

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