What's the worst thing any1 has said to you?

Reiji Moritsugu

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The worst thing? easy.

"I´ve never given a damn about you or your problems. Don´t give a damn about you now either, and don´t even think I will give a damn about you anytime in the future."

My brother a few months ago :)


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oh well the worst is spreading that I am gay or that I may have something wrong with my body,but hey I am getting used to those comments,some people are just not born to be a "player".
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"Hi, welcome to the world Jared!" My doctor cicra 1988.

Okay okay so I'm just being misanthropic!

The worst I can think of is when my mom told me my dad raped her when I was conceived. And it was a lie! Made me lose out on potential good times with my a little out there but decent andotherwise clearheaded dad all throughout my teens because I thought he was a sick bastard I wanted to murdify. But what do you expect: crazy cult following mom, smart dad who somehow has "visions" of christ new coming....you start to look at people and think..."damn, is EVERYBODY so predictably unstable?" And ultimately, you lose interest in the majority of people.


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Dont know if it's the worst thats been said to me but it sticks in my head cause its been said many times over the last few years to me... "Some of us work for a living".. usually right after I try to be helpful & offer up helpfull caring advice that exercise is a good for people...or sometimes it gets said right out of the blue for no apparent reason but whatever the case if i had been on a upturn as far as mood...that shoots me completely down into the dumps again for some time. :(


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"Now we're going to go round the class and introduce ourselves"

Haha, ok maybe not that (where did that thread go)


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"everyone hates you, no one likes you, you know"

This boy in my class at school on behalf of everyone. I know I'll never be able to forget it.


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"everyone hates you, no one likes you, you know"

This boy in my class at school on behalf of everyone. I know I'll never be able to forget it.
Similiar to that really, "How does it feel to know that everybody hates you?" from a girl that was in the same school.


"You make me understand why people commit suicide."
Said by my abusive ex in the context that being with me made him want to kill himself.


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The worst thing someone has said to me? Two things come to mind... first, back in the third grade one of the other kids came up to me and asked me if I was a boy or a girl. It helped that most of the class came to my defense and almost hurt the poor kid, who apparently wasn't trying to be funny...but that still hurt, even when I think about it now that Im 22 years old. Just so you know, I am a guy and I sure do look like a guy, maybe not a very good looking one, but I still do look like a man.
Second, about a little more than a year ago, I was visiting my sister in florida for the summer. I dont remember how, but I pissed her off. She said to me, "I can't wait till you leave already!" She the only person that talk to about anything, so you can imagine how that felt. She apologized and we're cool again...but that still hurt..


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"You are very nice and lovely."
This one comes from girl i really like.

? I know that women are often w/o any sense of logic but maybe there is no dobule-meaning in it.

@the subjet... yeah , i ve been told really awful things, despite the fact that i dont look all that "silky" (which in fact i m, mostly physically) . I think i wrote here already..

In fact , as i grow older, i m becoming more verbally bullied than ever ?!


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Hmmm... There have been plenty of things, but what sticks out in my mind at the moment is once when I was standing in line to pay for something at a store and the cashier was being teased a bit by her co-worker about me (just a random customer) being her boyfriend or something. I have no idea why. Anyway, then I heard the cashier say "I've got enough ugly things". I tried to act like I didn't hear anything, and it wasn't as if I really cared about this girl anyway as I'm not into chicks like that, but still, it bothered me to have someone basically say aloud what I've thought about myself so many times.