What jobs would you do?


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I have social anxiety and looking for jobs online, im interested in factory work right now,but still don't have anything from some stuff....
what type of jobs would you do?
do you like talking a lot, i m trying to find something with no talking, i didn't notice factory work. i also might try app developing from home, but it may include travelling...


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It's hard to say since I've had so little work experience and I think you need that experience to draw conclusions.

I've been a carpenter and a courier, though, and between those two I definitely liked being a courier more. Like you, I'd prefer something with as little talking or interaction with other people as possible, though.

I think I could be a forest ranger or a long distance truck driver and enjoy both if I could get through the schooling and interview process, but that's not possible with my current level of phobia. 😒


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There's always going to have to be some level of socialization with any job, and some may require more than others that you wouldn't think about. Factory jobs aren't always quiet and keep to yourself. The last factory job I had, vocalization was actually a good thing and was essential. People that were too quiet and kept to themselves too much on one part of the line actually wound up hurting the process because teamwork was essential to getting the job done. Granted, you weren't being asked to have discussions or make friends, but it was essential to talk to your other coworkers and supervisors if something was wrong or if you or anyone else needed help catching a line. Going with the flow, paying attention and listening, and being able to adapt quickly to any changes in your surroundings is often essential for factory jobs and it's something I actually like. Keeps me on my toes and keeps me thinking.

I'm actually back in a production facility, but not in a factory setting. It's no where near as fast-paced as to what I was used to, working with no where near as many people, but it seems like plans change daily on the fly, so again, another job needing adaptability. So far it hasn't been too social of a job and I'm liking it, but I'm eventually going to have to learn how to answer phones which I'm dreading and wasn't expecting to do. So if you're looking into production jobs, research the factory and the company as much as you can -- going with smaller companies is usually a good start, but just be aware there may be a level of socialization required you may not realize until you're actually hired.


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I worked in a restaurant for a long time, and can say dishwasher and prep cook both tend to be more isolated positions without a lot of socialization. I'd think most jobs that require a lot of busy work can fit, such as maintenance, cleaners or manual laborers like painters or landscapers. Medical coding is something I looked into for a long time as a job without a lot of interaction, but you'd need to take some courses and get certified before doing that.

I have been working at home since before the pandemic doing an array of different things, including ad evaluations, user tester, and survey taker. Great for keeping to yourself, but I would not suggest if you need steady, reliable work and income. I think coding and IT can be done with the same sort of interaction level (little), but of course those also need training of some sort.