wedding/social anxiety advice please!!


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Its my friends wedding in 2 weeks.....and i dont know any of her friends/family etc

Anyway to start with she only invited me to the day thing, then i explained id be so uncomfortable im only coming to the wedding not any meals etc

She said my bf can come but he says no way is he coming to the meal :( :( :(
which i dont blame him as i hate sitting round tables eating infront of people

what do i do! im getting really wound up and edgy about this stupid thing, i can either go by myself (which i cant see happening) or force/blackmail my bf which is cruel or make up an excuse to just go to the wedding...... but the tables have been arranged and meals orderd

Help meee, i feel like a horrible person :( !!


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I'm confused,so you told her you're only coming to the wedding portion after she invited you to the meal portion? So she's aware that you're only coming to the wedding part? Or have you decided to attend both parts?


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Anyway,either way the key to getting around social situations is to just ask people questions about themselves.They'll do all the talking for you and all you have to do is smile and nod.

No pressure trying to think of witty banter and it takes the focus off you and puts the heat on someone else.
This works especially well at weddings bc people ALWAYS want to talk about their own wedding or other weddings they've attended.

Plus,people are naturally more chatty at happy events.You won't have to worry about being that lonely person in the corner bc there's so much activity going on at these things.Even if you are the person in the corner,it'll just look like you're people watching or resting ;)


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The decision is simple: How much do you like your friend, and how much do you value the friendship?

She wants you there, that is why she invited you.

If you really like her, you should be willing to put up with discomfort and join her and her family on a happy occasion.

And any problem that will vanish in a few hours without you doing anything about it at all is not really a problem at all.

Good luck, and enjoy the cake.

(And reconsider a boyfriend that is not willing to support you.)