Vipassana benefits


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That looks very interesting but I have to be honest I would have trouble with waking up at 4 am for ten days, and sleeping with strangers in one big room-even of the same sex.

I wonder is it possible to bring your own tent and sleep in that instead? I saw pictures of people doing that I though? I am very interested in trying a retreat though. I think it would be a great experience and needed knowledge. It's pretty amazing they cover all your expenses while there so even broke people like me can maybe go :)


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Most centers should provide single rooms ideally n single cell pagoda for meditation...I did a few courses, n they all had single n 2 per room accommodation...Am 100 % sure they will provide single room if u tell them your situation .....Also very important to talk to the teacher exactly what you are going through now... Taking medication if I was highly anxious was useful in the beginning.its difficult but not impossible, I used to meditate alone when I was anxious... That helps if u r scared of company...Only 3 group sittings, others u can manage in cell/room and walking too. Doing in a relaxed way was the key to me.feel free to ask me anything about this.


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I would wake up at 1 am n work my bones off if someone was giving me the tools to come out of suffering, wouldn't you? Please work hard, this has shown good results for me n millions of others...Put aside doubts... Give it a try...If you fail, nothing to lose..


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Learn to meditate. It changes everything. I can proudly say I'm a semi-relaxed person now haha. Just be consistent with it. You can take a class online ( or in person (tm, etc.). 10 mins a day and I feel a looot calmer.