Trouble with hanging out with people


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Take out an loan and go back to college. Dress nice, stay healthy. This one woman I know works in private company and she just used her masters to teach on the side. By that she also enjoys "talking" with the students. Go back to get your masters and flunk out ( ha ha ha ).

Go to an college club. Just walk around saying stuff to people. That is all.

Go to an religious event.

Depending on subjects go to conventions. Conventions are the same things as clubs.

Take an adult class, at an unfilated school or public learning center.

Volunteer is where you can interact with all kinds of people.

Make an movie or play, with you video equipment. Tons of bums doing that.

Most importantly do not be an arsehole to another person. I have met bums who went back to college and are still clowning around because they are jealous of me, or something along those lines.