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i still don't know how to travel by airplane. i feel really insecure of navigating through the big airport which i find confusing. i just don't know how to do it bc my mom always does all the work and all i do is follow her (well except for the luggages). i don't know how slow i'd be at learning this if i did it myself. i can't not know this anymore. Could anyone offer any help? thanks a lot!
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Theres usually information desks or workers around, you can always ask them for directions. I've only flown a couple times and our airports arent too bad to navigate as long as you read the signs when looking for your gate number. Im sure you'll do fine
As Loyal said, there are people - sometimes volunteers who are only too glad to help with airport info.

I flew to China on my Own and had no idea what direction to go once I landed in Beijing. All I did was ask questions where designated help desks where. I eventually got to where I wanted to go :)
As everyone said it's not unusual to get lost in an foreign airport. Even at the local airport. That is why there is information stands and signs everywhere. So it's not like you're stupid because you're confused at the airport. If you don't travel often by yourself, SA or not, you are going to be confused. So just look up at the signs, and in case of complete and utter despair you can just walk to some airport staff member and say "I have no idea where I have to go please help me", people are generally decent enough to point you to the right direction.