Transcendental meditation


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I've recently given this meditation a try because i've heard it can help reduce anxiety.
I was wondering if anyone has tried this out and if it helped in anyway? :)


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I have been trying normal meditation for a few weeks now and have seen results. Maybe I should try TM too, with the mantras. I think that for you to really be able to see a substantial difference in your quality of life, you have to do it for a long time: one year, two years, three...


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Do it.

It will take a while, but it helped me a lot.

Do not use meditation to help you unwind from something bad, but do it at a time when you are calm. It works better that way.

And youtube is full of short meditation videos. Use them, it will take a while to find something you are comfortable with.

And yes, it will take a long time to get really proficient, but do what you can now.
I started of with two minute sessions. It is a long time.