To scared I guess


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I know I come to this website a lot saying I like a girl but I guess that's cause I'm single and I try to keep my options open. Well I recently quit smoking and it's been a month and a week now. I promised myself that when I quit smoking I would ask this girl I like on a date.

I waited for a month to make sure I actually quit smoking. The reason I didn't ask her while I was smoking was she has high morals and smoking was a no for her. I didn't quit for her I did quit for myself and feel great.

She is from the autism foundation I'm in and also has autism, I am scared because we see each other a lot and I don't want her to feel awkward every time she see's me. She seems to enjoy talking to me but I don't know if that's how she is it's hard for me to tell.

I would like to ask her out on a date but I can't seem to find the courage.


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Maybe you should ask her to hang out first. It will kinda be like a date but two people just hanging out. So it wont be so awkward for the two of you.


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Just spend some time with her naturally and let the chips fall where they may. Be yourself but be confident about who you are and your intentions toward her. Eventually she'll notice the signals and you can assess her responses. At some point, talk about a movie that's coming out soon or is already in theatres and ask her if she'd like to join you.


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I think there's always a risk of awkwardness. If you're polite, straightforward, and not crude, it's kind of on them to not make a big deal out of still having to see you around like you had anything more than a short conversation about a date.