there's still more s.a. symptoms to deal but survived from bad depression not bad all


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Since I dropped out from school on 2008 I was only staying at home not going out. I just rarely go out. Im just very nervous when outside. I dont like it when I show the act of shyness around people. I just dont feel well at all. I would just watch t.v. a lot and other things I can do at home only. Until this same ways of me got longer of being stuck at home I got depressed. It took few years of feeling that way. I stuck myself almost 8 years staying at home.Until I started baby sitting. Ive been doing it almost 3 years now. This job helped me in someways. Although it's still not easy. I do it still anyways. I say im not capable for baby sitting also. But I do it my way. There can be things that I cant do well with this job. But that's how it goes. It still works in some ways.


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Congratulations on moving yourself forward:thumbup:. It's good to try new things and challenge yourself. I believe you can go even farther than this though. Keep it up:).


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I say anytime you make yourself do what you feel like you can't, you're doing well. You may not be as far ahead as you'd like but you're trying and you're fighting. Please continue to do so. It most likely will lead to better things for you.


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Keep challenging yourself. As Russ Harris said: the acts of confidence come first, and then the feelings of confidence.