Starting to see hostility in my classmates


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Well I've been having a hard time connecting with my classmates. I get ignored by them constantly. They will work with me but never want to communicate with me. They just ignore what I say and leave sentences short with me. It's been hurting me a lot because it's reminding me of how ways used to be for me. They treat me like I'm an idiot and I can tell they don't want to talk to me or enjoy it.

The other day we were going to lab and I was grabbing my sheets and the girl in front of me had mine in her hand and I asked if she could hand me them and she said "no I was here first you can grab yours when I'm gone" then when I grabbed mine and went to head to the lab she demanded I take a chair. All while she was doing this she had a mean yet nice tone like the tone that wants to try and hide aggression.

Today I was in the library and one of my classmates works with my girlfriend and she asked if my girlfriend works Thursday and I said I didn't know and she said "Oh my god do you even talk to her, or do you just ignore her" Then looked at her friend and laughed at me. I then texted my girlfriend and asked if she worked she said no so I told my classmate she didn't.

I know I'm weak for doing what they tell me. It's just I can't deal with conflict or say no. I want to tell them what's on my mind but I can't. I know these aren't severe bullying or anything. It's just I'm sick of being ignored and pushed around. I talked to the teacher yesterday and she told me that it could be different hobbies or that I have autism and they don't know how to talk to me. I don't know I'm just starting to get depressed from them.
Hi :) Well, my situation is different, but for me it is also hard to find new friends. This spring I visited psychologist and she said, that I don't smile enough and don't answer to the invitations to communicate. You know, it's said, that most people who don't have friends just miss the oportunities to make them. From the visit I started smiling and talking with people more and now my situation with friends is not as bad as it was. Also, art, in which I have to communicate, and trying to reach my dreams helped and helps me a lot.


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"do you even talk to her or do you just ignore her?" Thats an unusually specific question to ask someone she doesnt know. Because ya'll dont have a history right? If someone asked me that Id think she just has lots of baggage and was taking it out on me.

I also know that my facial expressions can get me in trouble. I was training at a local clinic last week and I get evaluated by my professor after each day. Well I got points taken off my score because apparently I "dont handle stress well and appeared annoyed". For the record I was having a great morning. It was actually one of the best mornings I had had in weeks. When I asked the professor about this she told me that one of the nurses felt I was angry. She didnt ask she just assumed and it bit ME in the butt. Just a thought as this could be a similar situation.