Songs about panic attacks


Hmm, “Everybody loves a loser” by Morcheeba. (I don’t mean this in a mean way! I like it too, it’s comforting if you feel anxious about yourself.


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Split Enz - Dirty Creature (1982) - YouTube

It's funny when you listen to a song nearly twenty years old, written about the same thing as you experienced twenty years later. In 1982, I had no idea what a panic attack was, I didn't suffered my first until November 2002. Now this song takes on a whole new light, and it is comforting to know that people have lived through the same, and songwriters like Tim Finn had the courage and creativity to write about it.

I haven't had a panic attack since July 2006. I pretty proud of beating them.
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The one from Green Day actually is. Mike Dirnt, the bassist, had to deal with a Panic Dysorder and wrote that song.

I loved Green Day so much back in the 90's... I wish they never turned into that freak show with the album American Idiot...