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  • what a great way to see life....there are ups-n-downs....but we are always learning from them!

    Learning To Fly - Tom Petty Music Video - YouTube
    The song that just about changed my life...

    "and if our God is for us..than who can ever stop us? and if our God is with us...than what can stand against?"

    Our God is Greater - Chris Tomlin - YouTube
    just messin around and made this song lol
    YouTube - Madix- Hypnotizer (messin' around)
    click here to download: 2shared - download Madix- I Don't Miss You Anymore(v2).wav
    Great song, it's really awesome! nice rap, nice melody, nice lyrics, really great!
    keep it up!! ;)
    tell me what you think of this one guys.
    YouTube - Madix- I Don't Miss U Anymore (demo-vers2)
    Hi Madix,
    There's a button below your private message box, you can ''apply'' to send PM's to people you don't have in your friend list. (or we can be friends too ofc ^^)
    I'm glad you like the idea, we could make some great songs!
    Nowadays people can make songs together through the computer, how to plan it?
    I think we should record all the things apart, like you playing guitar? me playing piano? or a nice beat? record voices (rap, singing) and mix it all together. share ideas, and make a nice track!

    But I'm going to bed now, it's very late in the netherlands.

    ryght on! the album will be awhile cuz i haven't written anything yet lol. in time. but ya ill have them in mp3', I'll send u the first copy.
    I'm looking forward :) Do you have them in MP3 form?

    I'm doing alright.. big ups and huge downs these past few days but i'm still walking through this.
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