Some tips that helped me manage my social anxiety


I used to really suffer from social anxiety but I learned how to manage it. I really enjoy helping others now so message me if you'd like to speak with me about it. I'll give you my number so we can talk (I just don't want to post my number publicly).

Thanks and good luck!



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That's nice, but Im curious what you actually diagnosed with and what you used to over come it??

Giving tips to someone with AVPD or SAD or anxiety associated with medical depression and telling them they can use it to manage their problems could actually be really dangerous. Its NOT a normal anxiety or shyness that can be helped by practicing public speaking in front of your family or a mirror... its a psychological / psychiatric condition.
(not saying your tips are like that, just giving an example).

Hence why, Im curious.
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I think her tips might still be very relevant. If she has had SA then i think she has the right to just give people advice on it, and people often need to just talk to ANYONE about their problems. But i don't claim to know much and i hesitate to voice my opinion.
If someone calls her, can they please post if it was someone really trying to help, or something else.. I hate to be cynical here, but caution is always needed on the net.
I hope she's genuine though.


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Wow I also didn't noticed the date.I wrote on her wall and messaged her. Hope she just hasn't been on. It would be sad if it is truly spam or a lie Im not gonna judge i been on and off this site since 2012 I'm finally trying to stay consistent and talk and get to know others with the same issues as me.
He's (yes, he) done just 2 posts. The one was
Hang in there. I used to suffer from social anxiety terribly. What helped me was sticking to whole foods, breathing techniques, meditation, and physical activity. Spirituality helped me quite a bit too. Feel free to message me if you'd like to talk about it more in detail. Good luck!
This is good enough advice about how to reduce general anxiety, which :. will help with social anxiety.

I think he could probably only help those people (somewhat) who maybe only have SA, and no other "comorbid" disorders (eg bipolar, AvPD, ..).
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