So... I haven't panicked in 7 months


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I want to immediately contradict the title by saying that, when scary things happen, I still panic like everyone else. I just don't have random, spontaneous panic attacks for no reason anymore.

Everyone's story is different, but here's mine: I developed panic attacks at the age of 23, and they were sporadic. I still remember the first one I ever had, and it sucked the life out of me. Each day thereafter I would low-level panic about another attack happening, and it was chaotic. I honestly couldn't focus on anything.

Therapy didn't work for me (although I'm currently in therapy for GAD and loving it), and I rejected all pharmaceutical intervention (and still do, on very personal grounds). What I found out after years of searching is that a semi-known condition called hypoglycemia exists, and isn't 100% confined to diabetics.

I basically had to cut down on drinking, start eating healthier (less sugar, grains, dairy and stuff like that that seemed to trigger me) and it essentially went away. Sometimes these things are rooted in bodily sensations more so than the real world, so when you eliminate some of those sensations your brain seems to cool down.

With that being said, I basically still have GAD that bleeds into SAD, but the panic attacks are gone. Be sure to check for subclinical medical conditions, because they can surely mess you up.


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I've wondered about hypoglycemia myself, I do tend to be a lot less anxious when I dial-back the sugar. The racing thoughts and mood swings dry-up as well.


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That is great. I wish I could say the same. I will get there eventually. At least you know why and somewhat how they were happening to you. That much be a relief. The random ones are always the worst ones.