Show us your part of the world :)


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I'm surprised a developer hasn't bought up that piece of land sticking out into the ocean and built an exclusive, high story Hotel Resort on it - ruining the view for everyone else.
Yay for the councillors who have rejected the financial kickbacks they'd receive for allowing that to be done. :perfect:

its too popular a local and tourist spot to risk a hotel ruining it, they save that for just a couple streets away :bigsmile:


You want to know how I got these scars?
Next time I hike up there I'll post a cpl of more pics. It really is a beautiful place. Especially when its more green through the winter months.


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Was gonna say you've clearly entered some wonderland through that tunnel, especially with the butterflies since theres barely any around anymore (at least in NSW).. but then that boomer.. :LOL::LOL: