SAUK Outage


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Since the outage was two years ago, perhaps we should keep this thread going forever.

sauk is the uk version of this forum, i searched on here for sauk and came up with this thread hence posting in this one instead of starting a new one. :thumbup:

our forum has been dead for two days now. wondering when/if it's going to come back.:sad:


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Oh ykes has it been two days? I've not checked in there of late so didn't notice until I just tried it, what a poop, oh well you can always hang out here in the meantime :bigsmile:


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there's a post on sa scotland for any one desperate to log into sauk, would post a link but this forum seems to be anti links.


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this forum is doing my head in you can't post anything with a link in it till a mod approves.

sauk mods have posted this on sauk -
Unfortunately a large amount of users are having difficulty logging in to SAUK. We have looked into it and it may take a few days to fix.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

lexip posted this on sa scotland-
It looks like it might be a DNS issue.

I use openDNS and it's working fine.

You can follow this guide to change your settings on a PC .....can't post link to guide.