Repetitive actions and thoughts


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Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you about something that happens to me very often.

Throughout the day I kiss the religious images I have in my bedroom and all around the house everytime I see them. I feel a strong impulse to do so. I feel that if I don't do it, I'm not showing enough respect to God or to the Virgin depending on the image. I feel that it is as if I didn't care and I feel bad. Although I realized that this may not be right and I tried to resist the compulsion, I find myself doing it over and over again. Do you think it may be a compulsion?

Anyway I try to resist the impulse and not to kiss the images all the time, or for example, something I tried to obligue myself to do is to kiss an image once a day only. Sometimes I can, sometimes I fail.

Whay do you think about this? thanks for reading. God bless you
If it's a source of stress and it's interfering with your life then it's a cause for concern. You may want to look up some OCD coping techniques, not to say that you have OCD, but the tips should still help you out.

Good luck. :)


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Thanks for your advice Fountainand Fairfax :)

Sacramanet, I think I don't understand very well what you mean. Who do you refer to by "they"?