red hands?

hello guys, first of all i hope everybody is doing ok,
well i have aquestion maybe this happens to someone else,
i started blushing since i was 17 (i´m 28 now) but like 5 years ago i´ve noticed that
my hands get really red specially on the knuckles and the palm of my hand
when that happens i usually feel a sensation of heat . I´m actually going
to visit the doctor, but does anyone else have this problem?


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same here skin around my knuckles and on hands would get red aswell when im blushing,but telling the truth,i dont give a F*** how my hands look when my face looks like i was going to have a heart attack.


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Dude, my hands and face are red so often, I hardly notice anymore unless I feel flushed badly. And half the time my hands are freezing due to poor circulation, so I figure it equals out. Hehe. Seriously, the only time it really is bothersome is when my neck gets really red and/or my ears. I know it's something to do with blood sugar levels as well.


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ahh... well, I don't blush really-- I'm so pale and my circulation is horrible so it's pretty much impossible, lol
My hands do get odd discolorations sometimes; palms or fingers turning red or white-- but I was told by a doctor that it has to do with my blood pressure.

I hope your doctor can help you sort things out and put your mind at ease!
hey guys thanks for your reply, well u know i have been trying magnesium cause i read that it helps reducing your stress levels and kinda calms your nervouss system (you can google it)¡¡. So since I blush more when I have this sort of mmm let´s say fear or trapped feeling that starts with anxiety I thought it was worth to try.I´ve sttoped drinking alcohol cause it makes things worse .An I´ts funny cause after 4 weaks my hands look a bit less reder, or maybe I´m so desperate to get better that my brain plays tricks on me haha, anyway btw the doctor didn´t have idea why my hands get red but he told me to take complex B
...oh and something else guys,have any of you ever tried hypnosis to overcome your blushing?? if so, let us know your experience greetings¡¡¡
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Im from Scotland myself, so my skin tone isn't the best, well, it's non existant really. It makes my blushing much worse and my hands do seem to get very red at times as well. I've heard a lot of good things about hypnosis and I tend to believe myself that it's a mental problem more than anything, so some kind of therapy for that probably would have some kind of short term advantage. I've been trying to overcome it myself without going to sit on someone's couch, but I guess that's the hard part really :)


How about the feet reddish.. Like the reddening of the ankles and toes what is it's cause does any one know?