really cool task management website


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my friend just shared with me this amazing website that helps me stick to a task-list each day,
you create a list of tasks for the next day to be completed, and check them off once completed. When you check them off, the day on the calender turns green with a star (yay well done x) ). Their is a counter at the bottom for your current streak of unbroken green days. The best part is that you can add friends that can oversee your progress and keep you accountable, they can add notes to each of your days and you can add notes to theirs.

I thought i'd share because keeping a list of goals for the day is so important in overcoming anything. It puts those wants into small step by step actions. I think also the accountability is really helpful for us. Not to mention that I have found productivity to be one of the most important parts of recovery and general well being.

I'm not sure if this post will be seen by the mods as an advertisement, it's not meant to be, it's just meant to be a little shout out to something that I think can be very helpful. If anybody wants to add me on that site so that we can keep eachother accountable, feel free to PM me and i'll send the email i'm using or you can send yours and I'll add you
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I always like to make task lists for myself, especially during the school year, so I can keep track of what I need to do (and I'm afraid I'd forget something). Usually I just use the sticky note app on windows, and pin it to my desktop. I'm on the computer enough, so seeing it there is like a constant reminder of what I have to do.

I'm willing to give this site a shot though. :) Sounds like it's pretty neat!