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7/10. Im ok for being out in public in general now... relationships and making friends is still very difficult though. And I can still be a lot more extroverted than I am. But I've made a lot of progress too. Thats why i put 7 out of 10.


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I'm gonna say 6/10. I can go to the grocery store or even the mall and at least appear to be a normal person until someone says something to me. I can make eye contact with everyone but the prettiest girls. I can hold my own in a conversation with coworkers and even crack jokes and make small talk. Most days, I'm OK walking or eating in front of people. When a bad day comes along however, I revert back to my old ways.


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kudoes to you all who are making headway towards better things! (sometimes it takes babysteps sometimes great leaps but if you're facing forward thats a good thing.)


I guess I would say maybe 7 or 8. The only things I really have trouble with is conversations in small groups, one on one with certain individuals and passing people I should greet in hallways. I haven't really seen anyone professional so I don't know what kind of shape I'm in.