Post your music


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Are there any musicians among us?
I thought this might be a good place to share what of our music we have recorded and get some honest, on the level feedback.
Links or widgets or whatever works...


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I'm wanting to record some songs i've wrote. My brother is in a local band and him and his friend record at his house and they'll record mine for me so if that ever gets done i'll post or send it to you. Do you have any stuff?


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cherish said:
Do you have any stuff?
I do. I didn't want to be the first to post, but since you ask (and since I guess nobody else will)...

edit: removed link

^ Right click and "save link as." Or on a mac or linux... whatever saves it as a file.

It probably isn't very good, but please do tell me what you think anyway.


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yea I'm a's a coupla my tunes if anyone's interested,

The Cure - 1st draft.mp3 [Stream]
This one I wrote quite recent...the last coupla years have probably been the worst of my life but finally things are looking up again, and this songs about that...hope and love and stuff.

Coma.mp3 [Stream]
This one I wrote a coupla years ago....probably the closest thing I've done to capturing what social anxiety feels like to me.

Fog Lights.mp3 [Stream]
This one I wrote right in the heart of my depressive phase...just after my parents divorced and my dad attempted suicide etc

I Just Wanna Die.mp3 [Stream]
This one I wrote after one too many people had told me to "cheer up"!!! 8O

White.mp3 [Stream]
This ones another pretty direct one about social anxiety.

Fiona.mp3 [Stream]
Sorry, for postng so many tunes, but I had to add one more....this ones about a girl that I really dig! 8) :D hehe

anywayz....if you want, there's more of my tunes here and here

cool....oh and mienaino, I really like your tune, its actually not got anymore? or a website maybe with more on....its really good.



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worrywort said:
oh and mienaino, I really like your tune, its actually not got anymore? or a website maybe with more on....its really good.
Thank you very much. I do have more. Quite a few more actually, but I can only host 20Mb at a time. I will probably post another later today.

I dig your tunes. Still downloading most, but Coma is my favourite so far.
And I envy that you have a voice(!). I tried singing a few times, but I hate the sound of my voice. Do you perform shows live?


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Yossarian said:
/throws knickers at mienaino and worrywort
Thanks. You can have your knickers back though.

edit: removed link
(Rick click, "save link as")

Out of everything I've written, I think this one best portrays SP from my perspective.

Edit: Switched out the file with a lower bitrate version to free space.


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Worrywort LOVE IT! that's great stuff. This makes me want to get on the ball with my songs. Mienaino that's an awesome beat you should add some words to it. Love it all, i'm glad you started this post.


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Thanks guys,

Mienaino, you're music is mental! really good! SOS i think is my fav! how do you write/ record your stuff? you could totally use this music in films or animations and stuff....really could.

I don't really play live no...I played my first EVER open mic night earlier this year, which actually went really well, i felt quite comfortable on stage funnily enough.....but nah I don't play live really...I play drums at church every sunday in front of hundreds of people, I'm not doing too bad social anxiety wise these days....I reckon I probably could manage to play live....the problem is more with the process of finding a band and working with them to get the songs ready to play live....thats where all my social anxiety gets in the way really.

and as for the voice thing...I still don't particularly like my own voice...i've never thought of myself as a professional singer or anything...I bodge loads of notes....but I don't think its about being perfect....its just about being honest, i think....and plus most of the time i think the sound of your own voice sounds ten times worse in your own head than in should give it a might be surprised!

but anywayz...oh and one other thing...I've just found this mad website called which offer 1GB of webspace for FREE....its only a storage place so couldn't really use it for web building....but its great for storing and linking to songs etc....just incase you're interested! ...l8rz


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worrywort said:
how do you write/ record your stuff?
Reason (2.5), Ableton Live (4.11), Audacity, Sound Forge (6), etc.
I write mostly in Reason, to get the original idea out. Of the two I've posted, the first one (Prosloyka) was polished in Ableton Live, which has better mixing and mastering tools, giving it a more balanced organic-crystal tradeoff and full normalization (moreso, at least, than SOS). I have recorded a few vocalization attempts, but I don't like them. I've never had any feedback on any of them, so if I can summon the nerve, maybe I'll post one here (incomplete thought it may be).
Thanks for the kind words, I've always wanted to write soundtracks.
I'll look at the website, but I prefer hosting from my uni, its servers are much faster (at least for me they are).
Do let me know if you ever play a show in Hawaii... I'll be there.


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Fog lights is really great, you have an amazing voice man.
Really, you should think about trying to get a band together.
I'd totally pay for this.


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thanks man,...I did try the band thing once.....but it didn't work....whenever someone would suggest an idea I just couldn't quite pluck up the courage to disagree with them,......ultimately all my little babies were just getting trodden on too much.....having someone else playing your songs is like having someone else wearing your face and then doing all kinds of things you would never do and slandering your name all over the place!...I dunno....I think I'll keep it a solo hobbie.

if anyone's interested, here's a couple of new songs I've written....sorry to post them all up here, but they don't really get much daylight otherwise!

2. I WANT LOVE.MP3 : [stream]
3. WHIRLPOOL.MP3 : [stream]
4. NOTHING BUT SORROW.MP3 : [stream]