Physical pain from the stress of HH


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My daughter has a condition that does give her severe back and shoulder pain but after medication,chiropractor appointments,physio etc I realise that this pain is just not going to get better unless her HH does. She talks about being at school- being tense around school friends,sitting on the edge of her seat to avoid wet patches,assemblies where she is so tense that the bell causes her to jump out of her skin.
I so hope she learns to relax a little,this is going to really effect her body in a huge negative way.
Anyone else suffer these awful body pains with the Stress of HH?


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My daughter also suffers with severe back and shoulder pain. She started getting pretty bad sweating on her head and other extremities during the past several years. It annoys her, but not as deeply as her physical pain.

In your daughters case, less hand sweating will most likely reduce anxieties, not necessarily provide less physical pain. But we take whatever we can get. Getting rid of that emotional pain that comes from HH surely helps. Giving that your daughter is still a teenager, it really stirs the emotions of what we had to endure when we were her age. When I think back, life was a living hell. I'm not sure how my body physically survived the stress of HH. Actually it didn't. By age 20 or so, early years of stress gave way to Mono, which gave way to fibromyalgia that altered my body for years.

Then years later when I felt better and became very active in outdoor activities my body gave out again. I had about 5 solid years of having hand HH under control only to stress out my body by over exercising. Go figure?

Think back when you were a child and you had dripping hands. Relaxing was next to impossible. People who have HH do not always have the luxury of controlling a nervous system that is messed up by a design flaw. Just the thought of wanting to be relaxed makes us tense. It's hard to relax our children when we can barely relax our selves. We struggle.